General Surgery

What is General Surgery?

General Surgery is a medical-surgical specialty that aims to diagnose and treat diseases that can be resolved through surgical procedures, either elective or emergency.

The general surgeon is a specialist who must be trained to handle different surgical pathologies prevalent in the hospital of medium complexity, knowing the different surgical techniques for the different pathologies, for this reason the specialty lasts between 4 to 5 years (La Duration depends on the country where it is carried out and the university or Hospital where it is entered).

What are the subspecialties of general surgery?

General surgery is the central axis of the formation of different subspecialties or “Fellowship” which can then be presented to: Chest Surgery, Breast Surgery, Peripheral Vascular Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, among many others.

What should the General Practitioner know in General Surgery?

As we have already explained, general surgery is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases of medium complexity, therefore the general practitioner must be able to identify this group of diseases in time and be able to initiate an early basic treatment. referring in an appropriate manner to the general surgeon. For this reason we want to clarify to our readers that on this page we will not expose surgical techniques, we will focus on the identification, diagnosis and basic treatment of the diseases listed below (Click on the images to learn more).